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U.S. Senate Resolution Condemning Assad Regime

SRES 180 IS 112th CONGRESS 1st Session S. RES. 180 Expressing support for peaceful demonstrations and universal freedoms in Syria and condemning the human rights violations by the Assad regime. IN THE SENATE OF THE UNITED STATES May 11, 2011 … Continue reading

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Get to know the Syria Experts (HuffPost Expansion)

This is an older version of a piece I posted on my Huffington Post blog. Although it isn’t as concise or coherent as the HuffPost version (about 40% longer), it includes valuable information that unfortunately got cut. Syria Experts Examined Syria is not like … Continue reading

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Opinion: The Revolution will not be televised…

By Robert Joyce … at least not in the United States. There is an information blackout in the United States concerning the recent events in the Arab world. This is not for lack of coverage, but for the poor quality. … Continue reading

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Rioting in Cairo

Riots broke out between groups of Salafi Muslims and Coptic Christians in the Imbaba region of western Cairo late Saturday night, leaving 12 dead and upwards of 200 wounded, according to medical sources. Owing to rumors that a Christian woman … Continue reading

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Mideast Reports Restarts and Syria Detention

Mideast Reports is coming out of nearly a month security induced hiatus. All those affiliated with the blog are now safely out of Syria, which allows us to continue covering events in the region. The full reports have now been … Continue reading

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The ‘In Sha Allah’ Mentality

‘In Sha Allah,’ which translates to ‘God willing,’ is one of the most common phrases in Arabic. The phrase was originally meant as a qualifier to an intention. As a Saudi once explained it to me, “you are supposed to … Continue reading

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From the Ground

This blog is meant to accompany reports coming from Arabs across the Middle East. Stay informed by reading the first hand accounts: Mideast Reports. Please contact us if you would like to contribute.

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