Generational Unity

Despite this revolution being undeniably youth led, the older generation has played a crucial role. The April 6th movement, Wael Ghonem, and other prominent youth figures certainly deserve the credit for awakening Egypt from its state of fearful apathy, but when a number of youth retreated after Mubarak’s heart-felt speech to the nation last Tuesday, the older generation was there to provide necessary historical context.

When students were making statements like “I was with the protest against Mubarak till I heard his speech. I don’t like Mubarak, but I love this country, so I say it’s enough let’s go home take care of our family,” the older generation was there to bring them back to reality.

Dr. Ashraf and Dr. Nehad were quick to remind that Mubarak was an extension of the police regime that began under Sadat, and to some extent Nasser. As Dr. Ashraf put it:
“We are now not just fighting Mubarak himself, we are fighting Sadat, and Nasser, and all autocratic rulers, all people that have made the presidency such a powerful position in society.”

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