Second Dr. Nehad and Dr. Ashraf Interview

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Nehad Heliel, Ph.D., Director of the C.V. Starr-Middlebury School in the Middle East.

The interview was done on February 9th, before Mubarak said he wasn’t going to step-down and before he actually resigned. The interview is posted in its entirety in the Reports from Egyptians, but below are a few highlights.

-“Nehad: The protests are getting bigger, there were many new faces. My mother-in-law just phoned us and told us she was in the protest. For many people yesterday, it was their first time to go.”

Ashraf Mansour, Ph.D., Professor, University of Alexandria

– “Otis: Is it true that the Brotherhood will not participate in the presidential election?

Ashraf: They will not try to control the whole next new government, they will try to participate in only 30% of the seats in the new parliament. They are not trying to hold power in Egypt.”

-“Nehad: Egyptians have acquired a political and religious awareness. I have never seen my community more healthy. I have never been respected or treated as well as I am today. I see so much tolerance on all sides, from Christians and Muslims.”

-“Ashraf: The top leaders of the Army are corrupt. I do not put my faith in the top leaders. They are part of the regime.”

-“Ashraf: The big fault of the Israeli state is that it made its peace treaty with one person, not the Egyptian people. The Israeli state cannot live in peace while its peace treaty is being signed by a dictator. The Israeli State cannot live in the middle of the Arab world by peace treaties between it and dictators. It is understandable that they are scared.”

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