Syria and Yemen Revolution Videos

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Two Hungarian journalists, posing as tourists in order to get around, made this video from Syria.

There appears to have been fewer, although still in the thousands, protesters, out today than in previous works, meaning fewer deaths (estimated to be at least six and up to 30). There was live fire in Homs Hama, Jassem, Banyas Deir Al Zor, and possibly in the suburbs of Damascus. The largest protests occurred in Banyas and Jassem, and state security was out in force.  Hundreds more were arrested today around Syria; mostly men between about 18 and 50. The government is also holding Aljazeera journalist Dorthy Parvaz. This brings the total arrested to around 3,000 and the number of dead up to about 300.

Despite the lower turnout today, one man, who is in the US but in contact with friends in family in Syria, told me that “the thousands on the street actually represent hundreds of thousands” that might be too scared to come out.

The White House released a statement today, taking its strongest stand yet on the Syria issue. It warned that “additional steps” would be taken if Bashar Al-Assad continues to use violence against innocent protestors.

This video, subtitled in English, is about Change Square in Sana’a, Yemen.

After the GCC deal collapsed, Saleh vowed to continue to resist. One person in Sanaa reports that Saleh has started calling the pro-democracy people “retards”, among other derogatory names. Like many others, I think the deal was just used as a way to buy Saleh more time in power. The opposition responded by coming out into the streets in the thousands, possibly in greater number than ever before. Many others took part in pro-regime protests as well.

The US launched a drone strike in Yemen that was targeted at Anwar Al-Awlaki, It did not kill Al-Awlaki, but did kill two other Al Qaeda militants.

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