Mass Grave Discovered in Syria (Warning: Graphic Video)

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UPDATED: Wednesday May 18 11:30am

Daraa, Syria- Today at around 10am residents discovered a mass grave containing the remains of up to 40 people, including women and children. They were reportedly killed during the siege of the city by the fourth division of the Army under the command of Maher Assad.

The identity of eight bodies was confirmed, five of which were from the same family. Abdulrazaq Abdulaziz Abazied ( Abu Samer ) and his four children Samer, Samir, Suliman and Mohamed. The others three were members of the al-Mahmaed family, who lived in the same home before targeted by the army. Note that this information is cannot be independently verified.

You can put these coordinates into Google Earth to find the graves: 32.597682, 36.092082

Despite attempts be security forces to keep images from reaching the Western media, these videos made it out:

Summary of a conversation (not with Mideast Reports) with the man who shot the video:

‘Abd Alrazak Abdalazia Aba Zaid along with his four sons disappeared in April 25 after one day of the military operation in Dara started on April 15 early morning, his wife thought that her husband and her sons have been arrested by security forces, but on April 26 someone noticed from his window a tank digging in the land near the Southern cemetery in Dara
When the military operation finished and the security and army allowed the inhabitants of Dara to shop and go to street, many people in Dara discovered that there is a bad smell from the wheat land, south of Albahar graveyard in Daraa Albalad and they saw a big hole.

He said that they found seven dead bodies in the hole, and they identify the body of the father Abd Alrazak Abdalazia Aba Zaid from his clothes but was difficult to identify the bodies of his sons, all bodies found their hands were tied to the back and they found also a body of women along with her child his age around 3 years old.

He assured me that there are more one graves, another one was found and had at least 20 bodies but the security took all the bodies and didn`t allow for anyone to walk close or take photos’

Below is the official document from office of the criminal security in Dara under the ministry of Interior to the governor of Dara telling him how the grave was discovered, how they confirmed that the corpses belong to one family and how the victims likely died. The photo is followed by the English translation.

To the criminal, searching, political, operations in the provinces:

Mr. Daraa mayor, please be informed of the following:

The colonel Mustafa Dada, the director of Daraa Almahata  in his letter number 740 and at 12:00pm on May 16, 2011.
Bassel Abd Alrazak Aba Zaid, his mother is Wasela, born in 1967 in Daraa Albalad, ID 412, came to the fire department and he informed them that there is a bad smell from the wheat land, south of Albahar graveyard in Daraa Albalad. Also he informed them that his father and his brothers are missing since April 25, 2011. The fire department send a patrol to check the mentioned place. The patrol saw a big hole and the smell was very bad. The hole was dug and they found three corps. After the dead bodies were removed, they were identified to Bassel’s father and his brothers and these are their names:
1- Abd Alrazak Abdalazia Aba Zaid, his mother is Marmieh, born 1943
2- Sameer Abd Alrazak Aba Zaid, his mother is Wasela, born 1967.
3- Samer Abd Alrazak Aba Zaid, his mother is Wasela, born 1975.
4- Sulaiman Abd Alrazak Aba Zaid, his mother is Wasela, born 1989.
5- Muhamad Abd Alrazak Aba Zaid, his mother is Wasela, born 1981. All of them are from Daraa Albalad.

The corpses were transferred to national Daraa hospital. The investigation committee found that the reasons of deaths are: of the first Abd Alrazak is heavy bleeding from bullets in his right shoulder and in the chest, of the second Sameer is heavy bleeding frombullets in his right chest and in his head, of the third Samer is heavy bleeding from a bullets in his head and in his chest and his face is disfigured, of the fourth Sulaiman is heavy bleeding from bullets in the head and chest, of the fifth Muhamad is heavy bleeding from bullets in the head and the chest. The judge decided to give the corpses to their family so they can bury them properly. An official report, number 98, was written and dated and the corpses are delivered to Bassel Aba Zaid mentioned above.

The investigation is still going on and we will send you a later letter to explain the result of the investigation.

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