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Weekly Roundup 6/19

Picture: King Abdullah of Jordan Jordan: – This week King Abdullah gave a speech outlining political reforms that could take place. The full text can be found online. The speech came a week before the King is set to visit … Continue reading

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Blogging Heads and Constitutions

The two parts of this post are unconnected other than that they both interest me. Part One is a Blogging heads video (can’t be embedded) featuring Elias Muhana, author of the Qifa Nabki blog, and Camille Otrakji. It is worth checking out the … Continue reading

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Weekly Roundup 5/21

< Obama Speech: – On Thursday, President Obama gave a 45-minute speech on America’s foreign policy in the Middle East, given the change that has swept the region. Mideast Reports posted video and analysis of the speech on the blog. … Continue reading

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Lebanon, Syria and Arab Spring

Interview with American University of Beirut student Sam Michelman: It is a three-hour drive from Beirut to Damascus. As neighbors, Lebanon and Syria have shared many historical moments together. They both endured the transition from Ottoman rule to French mandate … Continue reading

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Beirut update: لا لوصاية السلاح March 14 Rally

Beirut-  Written by Mideast Reports contributor on March 15th Well, it wasn’t the Cedar Revolution redux that many had hoped for.  In fact, the total number in Martyrs’ Square this past Sunday was probably around 100,00–not even close to the … Continue reading

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The ‘In Sha Allah’ Mentality

‘In Sha Allah,’ which translates to ‘God willing,’ is one of the most common phrases in Arabic. The phrase was originally meant as a qualifier to an intention. As a Saudi once explained it to me, “you are supposed to … Continue reading

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